Introduction to CHILD WELFARE

Since 1994 a child welfare clinic is being successfully run in a village called Hatgachi about 65 Km from Calcutta in 24 PG North, Sandeshkhali block. The clinic is organized on each Wednesday and about 200 to 300 children are treated for different ailments. Nutritional supplements are given to the extremely malnourished children. There is a counter for distribution of contraceptives to the mother

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The Clinic
The youths who help

Taking care of children doesn’t need lot of money. It needs proper education of the parents, clean water a few medicines and a little nutritional support

Children are one third of our population & all of our future….
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1.  Almost 90% children suffer from varying degree of malnutrition.
2.  Anemia and intestinal infection is very common.
3. Infection of the skin is very common.
4.  Clean water is needed to prevent 90% diseases.
5. Mother’s education and improved mother’s health helps childcare.
6. Family planning measures should be stressed.
7. Economic upliftment also improves childcare.
8. Only 15 drugs are required to treat 95% of ailments in children.
9. Whatever the goal, Persistence yields result.

Why a child clinic?

An healthy child will be a healthy citizen in future.
Less burden for the society in future.
Parents are willing to accept family planning when their children are properly looked after.
Less children means better quality of life for every one and less damage to the environment.
Less population means less social unrest -encourages peace.


1. General apathy of village people regarding social welfare. More interested in personal gain.
2. Poverty prevents mobility of children. Unable to afford transport, hence can’t go very far for proper treatment.
3. Scarcity makes corruption rampant. Extreme vigilance is necessary.
4. Input of money attracts undesirable elements.
5. Great expectation of local people from charitable organizations regarding job, financial help etc.
Our goal is to overcome these problems and reach the child who desperately needs our help. Not very difficult.


1.  Upgrading the existing clinic:
a) Constructing proper waiting space for patients.
b) Constructing a shade for doctor’s clinic and pharmacy.
2. Steady supply of essential medicines.
3.  Training a couple of woman from every 5 to 6 villages as health workers. They will educate mother about childcare and family planning.
4.  A center for nutritional rehabilitation for extremely malnourished children.
5.  Setting up a pediatric surgical unit to treat surgical problems in children.